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I posted my why story here  a few months ago but I thought I would share the pictures that really threw me over the edge.
The first one is this one:

sorry rick, that is if you ever read this,
 but I doubt it, you look great of course

this was post race, obviously and when I decided it was time for me to make a change. I had just ran 26.2 miles and had trained for months. I trained really well too, better than I had in the past. I did all my long runs in great time, I did the speed intervals, I had worked hard and was happy with my time. But look at me, I was still a block person, I still was sporting a chinneck, my arms had no defination.  SOMETHING had to change! That next Monday I started Insanity and I started on a fitness roll that has changed not only my shape and helped me loose some of the weight (it is a work in progress and each week I am still taking the weight off) but it has changed me overall in a good way. I then incorporated Shakeology into my diet, that was a great change and gave me such a great increase in my energy, got me back on track with me eating, I no longer craved the ‘bad food’ every day & knew I was getting amazing dose of vitamins and fueling my body the right way each morning! I then jumped into T25 and that is when the fun started! T25 gives me the most amazing workout in just 25 minutes, and I LOVE it, I can honestly say that! The Challenge Pack that helped me the most, T25, is on sale now and I want to share that love, not only the love of the weight oss and the strength I gained but my love for the changes it has been to my overall self. I have additional income and potential for a lot more income but mostly I just really love helping and working with other people to help them to reach their fitness goals!

look at that fupa rolling over the jeans! good lord!!!

I would love to share your fitness journey with you and share the Beachbody business with you! I am committed to this because I have seen the foundation the company is built on and believe in what the CEO, executive and leadership team is accomplishing. The potential for anyone coming into this business is huge, amazing to me. When I hear the success and the success of the top teams and team leaders are accomplishing in a 2-3 years time is just exciting to me. It has the potential of whatever you want to put into it. 
It takes the start to begin any fitness journey. I would love to start that journey with you starting with what worked for me, T25. The Challenge Pack is on sale for the month of March and you can join my FREE Challenge Group and all the fun that comes along with it! Look at everything you get in the picture below, plus a months supply of Shakeology
Message me, I would love to talk and set some goals! simonbob15@yahoo.coom


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