Going, going, gone

Summer is winding down…this makes me sad, because I know bad weather is around the bend, kids are going to go back to school tomorrow, earlier to bed and up early again. I do like that the routine will be back in place, the kids are so ready for that too! We have done so much ‘back to school’ shopping this past week, i am so done with it! Friday afternoon was shoes

got to love the Buy 1 Get 1 Half at Famous Footwear!
Friday we went to take the supplies to their classes:

 the boy really does like school, he pretends he does not, but while we are there he wants to stop in and visit everyone. We always go prepared with a note and plant for the teacher, Wyatt needs to charm them from the get go to start off on the right foot. He wanted to take a card and flower for Mrs. Patay, his teacher last year, just because he loved her so much. I LOVE that he thinks like that. She is the best and had such a positive impact on him and shaping his academic future.

The girl is in 4th grade, WOW, this is the first year she said no to the planter and card. It may had a little to do with her having a ‘boy teacher’. This also marked the first year she gave me the ‘Mom, you cannot take my picture in front of this school’ So, this picture was taken very quickly. This year is a big change for her, new school, switch classes, lockers in the hallway, all the cool things that come with 4th grade. Breaks.My.Heart.

this J is a beast, I over heard her tell her Dad last night:
“J, do not pick up your sister, she doesn’t like it”
“Dad, she did not come out of your belly, you don’t know what she likes.”
seriously…where does she get this!!


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