First Day

She is a second grader:

she is sassy
she spilled purple nail polish on her carpet just 12 hours prior
she LoVEs to watch TV
she is smart
her favorite thing to tell me is ‘No’
she sleeps in her new loft bed
she makes me laugh
she is sarcastic…really?
and I am thrilled she is mine, just the best parts of her dad and I.
He is a Kindergartner
he is mean
he is a a heartbreaker
he LoVEs video games
he is smart
he eats all the time
he is fast
he is a negotiator
he is a story teller
and I am never surprised by him. He just has a personality, not sure where he gets it.
He left on the bus today
What a crazy feeling when your child is getting on the bus for the first time. I am thinking who is going to watch him, he is a wanderer, they will loose him. I don’t know this lady driving the bus, he is going to get annoyed and call someone a loser, he is going to drop his pants and shake his dupa, he will get hungry and angry, they don’t know he loves mazes, they will need to give him puzzles, if he gets bored he will turn into a crazy person…on and on.
Thankfully, he did none of the above, he got off the bus very happy and made it home in one piece (with his sisters supervision). He is happily playing Mario with his sister and will do it all again tomorrow without me…that makes me so sad 😦

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