Liz will share her story and experiences and leave the audience empowered and inspired to take a basic tool and apply it immediately to align their head, words and heart.


I have a lot of kids and we do a lot of things, I know my limitations, such as jumping on the trampoline after having 4 kids, and many I am good at!  I was really good at drinking. I spent my day working full time, perfecting Mom PTO and being all in with all of the things we do.  That being said, I deserved ‘my time’ which included binge drinking.  In January of 2018, I made the decision to retire from drinking and have never regretted that decision.  Like any good CEO, Professional Athlete or Business Owner,  I went out on top of my game, on my own terms.

While we still do all the things, I now do it #retiredfromdrinking


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