oh hey friday…grateful edition

I’m still keeping on with my grateful posts and mixing it in with oh hey friday.

i havent lined up in awhile, so lets go back to it.
5 anything, 5 something, you pick just link it back here to september farm and the farmers wife. leave a comment here too so i know who to go and read along with. 


oh and how cute is this summer badge that goes with it?? 

so lets talk grateful, these of course are in no particular order. 🙂 

1//     my virtual beachbody groups – so grateful for this, for so many different reasons. when these girls get together on an app and get to encouraging, swapping stories, tips and recipes only good comes from it all. these peeps are from all over and working hard to crush fitness goals. now of course that makes me super grateful but more so is that these gals have become my friends, like real friends and i love that. we are in the trenches together making changes within ourselves that is making us better friends, moms, wives, daughters, aunts, uncles, husbands, coworkers…you get the drift. hearing from them day in and out, sometimes multiple times, sometimes day in between, but still hearing from them and the positivity that is happening i am just so darn grateful for that. 

the good news we are always starting again, adding new focused virtual boot campers and setting new goals. you can get in on this!! so lets talk about what works best for you to be successful! 

2//   my bleacher/insanity pals – in addition to my virtual boot camp there is still a group of us that get together each week and sweet it out with insanity. ummm….there is a lot of sweat going on with these groups and it is just awesome. these peeps inspire me to push harder and dig deeper each week to get the most out of our workout. so so grateful for their insertion week after week. 

3//  my beachbody business – totally grateful, mainly, it keeps me accountable and checked in with my goals. those goals are always evolving but one thing remains constant, the satisfaction that is amazing when i reach that goal. right now my extra beachbody money is getting stored away for christmas, in hopes of a cash christmas morning. so having the opportunity to have my own business, working it when i can around my families schedule and getting results spiritually, mentally and physically, i am grateful for that opportunity. but again, what i am grateful for the most is the relationships i have gained from that opportunity. livelong relationships i would not have it wasn’t for fitness – family – fun! 

4//  my family values fitness – yes, this one i am super grateful for. my kids have learned so much from this example of fitness. they see first hand and understand:

  • hard work
  • setting goals and reaching them
  • good healthy habits
  • fitness is fun
  • it is about being strong and secure
  • a good sweat rejuvenates you
  • exhaustion is a good thing
  • the love of chocolate chip cookies, because yes, we love chocolate chip cookies!
my girls (and my boy) know we are not focused on the scale, the weight or if you made the all star team, but you have to give 100%, be coachable and be strong and confident in yourself and what you give in all you do. i am grateful for this lesson because it has made me a better confident and strong me. 
5//  fitness – yes, i realize that is what i talked about in all of these ^^^^^^ but i am super grateful to live in a country and world where fitness is an option and spreading that love of fitness is contagious. in the past few years, since starting the spread my fitness love, it has taken me to such a better place in my life and a happier me. so i am super super grateful for that. 

the most unproductive week ever

that is what this week was, why you ask?
because I was run down by the flu monday afternoon and I have just peeled myself back up. literally.

but I will go into that in my five random, very random, oh hey friday post.

here is the drill
ready, enjoy, comment, link up.
don’t forget that comment part.


link on up with september farm and the farmers wife

1//  I don’t know what it was, the flu, a cold, some type of crazy something got into my system on monday afternoon that left me unresponsive all week. I could not even lift my head. this was my spot all week, I did not move far from it. on the plus side I spent 4 straight days watching hgtv therefor we will be busy painting cupboard, installing beams in the ceiling, new mantels and floors and than selling our house. 🙂

2// one thing I did realize on my death bed, can you tell I am not a good sick person? I need more water, so lets do a challenge… a water challenge. message me here, now, to sign up for a free water challenge this week. come on, we have to stay hydrated to fight the illness away and get great glowing skin, flush fats, you know all those great benefits of putting down gallons of water a day! it is easy to do and with the challenge, you will have me sending you daily reminders to do so. it is free, nothing to loose, well you know, you may loose a little something, but only good losses. so just add in the subject of the email… ‘add me to the water challenge, please!’

3//  because I was so unproductive during the week, I am going to be super productive this weekend. yep, washing every article of laundry in my house and then some, followed by bleaching the disease away for once and for all. we have been fighting this sickness for a few weeks and the fact I got this twice is annoying, so it is time to go. what is your best oil concoction, germ fighting tip? please share, I have to get this out of our lives. also the weather next week is going to be awful, again. so I need to get this out!

4// I shared this on the gram yesterday, but I had to share here, because this is what my smallest gal does every.single.day. it doesn’t matter how cold it is, she has to go out and play basketball. she gets her gear, water bottle, cavs backpack, ball and shooting shirt. she ‘warms up’ and listens to the coach make the plan while wearing the shooting shirt and then the game starts, aka shooting shirt comes off, and she is in it to win it, or until her arms are numb and it is dark out and she is told to come in. which follows up by a huge full on fit and she is not taking a shower.

5// this sweet girl, she stayed by my side this week and was so confused on why I was invading her space all week. she is used to being home alone all day and I was cramping in on her style laying on the couch all week. she would just sit there and stare at me saying ‘when do you plan on leaving?’ as with the rest of my family, she doesn’t do well with change.

ok, lets get ready for the weekend! but first, scroll back up and message me that you are in for the water challenge! come on!! we all need more water! 

road tripping

Im taking this blog on the road, not really, but I am typing this while on the turnpike heading to chitown to watch my oldest gal play in the windy city national qualifier. so for this volleyball road show the whole squad is in tow, so im sharing my top 5 volleyball tournament traveling tips.

link on up with september farm and the farmers wife but first, leave me a comment, especially if you are one of those volleyabll moms. I am one, we should start a support group, or a hastag, that is for another post though I suppose. either way leave me a comment so I know you stopped by.

1// ez pass – my friend kati says it best ‘it is just so easy’. And you know what, she is so right, it is just is so easy. ours is obviously from the great state of OH-IO but it can be used everywhere. if you are not familiar with these, well im not sure where you have been, but I still think your great. basically you load up your ez pass and then cruise right through those toll booths and not have to wait in the line to pay your toll.

2// snacks – this is checklist number 1. my girl plays hard and I have no clue as to why, but none of these events offer a good choice for snacks/breakfast/lunch/dinner – and if you are familiar with club volleyball, again part of my club, you know you are there for all three meals. – so it is my mom duty, which was written in my contract when she was born, to provide healthy snacks and meals for her. I usually try to make these energy balls:
No-Bake Energy Bites 1 cup (dry) oatmeal 1/2 cup chocolate chips 1/2 cup peanut butter 1/2 cup ground flaxseed 1/3 cup honey 1 tsp. vanilla:
but we have the usual with us:

  • cuties
  • turkey sandwich
  • pretzels
  • apples
  • trail mix
  • goldfish
  • dried fruit
  • water – lots of water, those big middles need to hydrate

and also in addition to my little rant about how the good choices at these events are limited, how about the ones that do not allow you to bring in food, to force you to purchase the junk food junkie menu items, annoying! players/families invest quite a bit of money to play at every level so don’t make me smuggle my food in like a hoarder, I am not asking to roll in a cooler, but lets be reasonable and not frisk me at the door for bringing in my dried fruit. *end rant 🙂
3// chairs/old person chair/blankets – you really have to be prepared with this one. there are so many different tournament set ups you just never know what the seating is going to be all about it. I made the commitment into the old persons club a few years ago, made that purchase of the item my grandma always brought to the game, but boy has it been a life saver. if bleachers are the only option this is a life saver.
not only does it keep your butt off the freezing cold metal bleacher, but you can sit back and have some back support. I do know from experience that some not so friendly attendees do not always appreciate the chair, im pretty sure she was just crabby and jealous of my back support.
you can also use these pop up chairs, if there isnt bleachers or if there is and also floor space to set up camp. remember, you are in this to win this so you could be looking at a good 12-15 hours at this event, comfort is key.
which brings me to the blanket, this had multi uses. these events are usually in some type of convention center or converted warehouse, so installation and warmth is not included. I strongly suggest a blanket to throw over your legs, again I am old, old people get cold. also, club volleyball season is winter, winter in my parts = snow and cold. dress in layers.
the girls also use the blanket to set up ‘camp’. camp is where the team sits throughout the day during their ‘rest’ sessions or breaks. aunt laura got my 2 volleyball girls this one for christmas this year, super cute.
4//   electronic devices & chargers – you need them, especially if you are bringing the younger squad along. I know, I know, limit screen time… whatever. tell me that after you spend the day with three additional offspring reminding you of how bored they are and have eaten all the said healthy snacks and gone through $50 for the ‘snack bar’. do you remember the part about a 12-15 hour day? those people are done,
D-O-N-E done,
and the screen time is the only thing that will hush them at that point. we start the day out all, ‘oh you brought your books, great, get your reading in.’ and ‘thank you for coloring me the beautiful picture.’ or how about ‘I love the 53rd braclet you loomed me.’ in the end… just let them have the screen time.
now for myself, I can:

  • read on my ipad,
  • get lots of work done, remember I am a beachbody coach, I can work everywhere.
  • update this here blog
  • listen to personal development
  • Or just take a nap, dont judge, I have found myself a spot tucked away and have napped, I told you…it’s a long day and it starts early.

5// coloring book & pencils – ok this trick I learned this year and it has been a life saver thus far. Now this one may just pertain to me, sometimes I need something that calms me and this does the trick.

When things gets intense, matches are close, serves are going crazy, jumps are not up there to block and hits are going out or into the net, just focus on the coloring. Blending, fun patterns, coloring the same spot over and over, it happens. Just whispering positive affirmations in your head and trying to stay in the lines helps. I swear, im not crazy.
that’s it! ready to link up? are you a volleyball traveling family too?
road trip

friday again

i promise 
i swear 
i must 
i will 
post more than just on fridays. look at it this way, i have big goals this week! but now it is friday, so lets go link up! 

1//    ummm last week i wasn’t here to post because, i was here!
and it was warm
traveling…holy, kath and I had an adventure! so it started with our first flight into ATL. the landing was insane…like I was truly scared, scared because I was frantically searching in the seat back pocket in front of me for the sick bag and couldn’t find it, I was so worried I wasn’t going to be able to hold it in.
sure enough after what felt like 30 minutes on the millennium force, I felt those wheels touch down. we then had to walk to 10k steps on the fitbit to the next terminal because I was not getting on anything that moved me. yes, that may just be our luggage sitting out in the rain. 

then day 1 while resting peacefully laying on the beach…wham, the lifeguard chair comes falling on me. like the big umbrella, coming right at me as I am peacefully reading my book, which was a great book btw, more to come on that. good thing our lifeguard was quick, he lept into action and jumped in and saved my life by catching the umbrella and chair before it squashed me like a grape.

2//   work outs while traveling, I did them. this place was ginormous, literally built into the side of a huge hill/mountain. kath was not excited when I told her ‘lets go walk the hills’ on the first morning at 8am. but we did it and boy were there hills, and we will have the buns of steel to prove it. day 2 I ran on the treadmill but even so there were so many stairs throughout the resort just to get to the pools, main hotel or restaurant, so you had to put in some serious steps. the old fitbit was on fire and I was defiantly getting in my stairs and steps everyday. all those stairs did make me appreciate my happy video workouts I can do right in my own home. 🙂


3//   breaking and entering…yeah, I did it, with a security guard of course. so after my ah-mazing oxygen facial I took full advantage of those spa showers and got ready right there with all those fun shampoos and smells they have around the locker room. 
in doing so I had to take my fitbit off. now please remember above when I told you how much I was moving, well I was not going to loose my 12k+ steps a day because of a lost fitbit, so you can imagine my panic when I got back to my casita and realized my fitbit was not on my wrist! bummer that the spa had closed right before I realized, so what did I do you ask? I called steve, our personal butler, he was no help, like zero, really it is just fun to say you have a personal butler, huge bummer when he is mia. anyway…I called security, who met me at the spa, which was all locked up. that didn’t stop me and my security pal, who didn’t have a key. we climbed through a closet, into a trap door and made it into the girls locker room. from there we searched the showers and no fitbit. then I remembered, the robe! it is in the robe pocket! so we army crawled, not really but it just sounds cool for this covert operation, back to where I dumped the robe in the laundry bin, as you can imagine. I couldn’t stop searching though, I had to find that fitbit with it’s million of moves on it! as my security pal called another department to find out where they take the laundry, I went searching for the laundry and found it! I then had to search through a pile of robes looking in the pockets for my bit and I am super happy to report it is back on my wrist right where it belongs. are you a fitbit fan? if so, I know you would have done the same.

4//  did you know, last week about this time I was floating in the middle of the apace where the Caribbean and the Atlantic meet. the water was beautiful blue, I was a bit nervous a shark or any type of sea life for that matter, may come eat my feet off. I snorkeled a bit, I sat on a really, really, big boat, I roamed around ricky martin’s island, but the most fun was just hanging out in the water around this empty island. what an amazing experience and fun time and I am so grateful I had it.

5//  I know all of this sounds fun, but really the  best part was coming home to my people. my house was clean, the groceries were there, my kiddos were happy and I was well rested. I missed them so much but love that they got that super dad time and love that I get to snuggle them a little closer after being away.  

6//  ok, I know there is only 5 but I just have to give a shout out to my challenge group who still killed it while I was away! we are wrapping up and I felt bad leaving them so close to the end, but that did not stop them! 

our next go around is going to be some shaunT love. really, how can you not love this guy! the good news is if you hate burpees, push ups, tuck jumps and all that fun, you can still do this, because there is none of that! but if you still crave those moves like me, there is an option for you as well.

are you ready to push play and join me? come on ya’all!!!

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