sunday = church

this year, amoungest other things, i started to focus more on my spirituality.  it is mind blowing to me how things come into your life to prepare you for exactly what you need, and that is not just another coincidence.

sunday mornings at 9am i set my intentions and focus my thoughts for an hour of worship. this time, it is a gift. as i prepare, check in and get myself set up to worship i take a minute to choose a word for my intention.  some options are heal, grow, joy and again, not on coincidence, the word i am craving pops right out at me.  i have never had to search. i lay that word out in front of me so during my time of worship, i have a focal point to bring my thoughts back to.


it may not be the traditional building, there isnt a steeple, but there is an alter with the beautiful glow of soft flickering candles, a choir that harmonizes the tune of namaste and  music that fills the room and my heart while moving me to tears.  and those tears, those buckets of tears that are released are camouflaged with sweat, as the temperature in the sanctuary is over 100 degrees.


during the 60 minute service, my hands extend up to the heavens and through my heart to prayer, then all that i am holding within me falls away with every forward fold.  as i twist, my heart is cracked open wide and i am filled back up with love and light. friends in close proximity offer a touch of peace when flipping their dog, stumbling from a balancing pose or just crashing down in relief from a challenge pose.  as I crash to my belly and my cheek hits the mat from moving through a high plank to low, to high, to low for what seems like an eternity i catch a comforting glance from my neighbor in solidarity and know this is the place where i fit in, these are my people for these 60 minutes.

i am challenged each week to focus my mind from wandering thoughts, sitting in discomfort and allowing feelings of anxiety, pain, grief and fear to move through me and dissolve away bringing me back to gratefulness, happiness and peace.

as i flow with the instructor through the sermon, angels come by sharing their gifts of offering with hands on assist, along with a rewarding stretch, a head and/or neck rub with the holy oil of indu or china gel. these angels never hesitate with a post sermon hug, which includes the tightest squeeze sealed with bodies squelching together in sweat.  you can find them hanging out post service engaged in conversation with members of the congregation offering gifts of encouragement, love or most important a healing ear while listening to confession.

settling in for the closing prayer, the heat is released and and a wave of  a cooler breeze wisps by while the warm temperatures still enclose me in a hug.  soaked with glistening, clean, sweat, i melt into the mat that is filled with all that i left in salty sweat and tears. the prayer allows me to come back to steady breath, and return to that intention, that word that choose me 60 minutes ago and reflect on how how i will preach that within myself moving forward.


the homily from the service sticks with me throughout the week, i focus to bring myself back to it when my thoughts  start to get in my head or when i am tired and start to snap at my crew. i come back to that message so that i can get through what is coming at me, as i take the moment to close my eyes and return to center.

as i move through the tasks of the week that fill my time, and my head begins to spiral with thoughts that need to steady and clear, my internal calendar is aware of the day of the week and calculating when i will return to sunday morning service.  i crave the sixty minutes with my people, the time to empty out and replenish with hope, faith and gratitude.

why run?

it is that time of year, cleveland marathon time, well in my case cleveland half marathon.

several years back, after the slowest jog over the finish line of the chicago marathon, i decided i was going to be a halfer girl for my remaining running years.  it is about time for me to run my annual 13.2 miles which also means i have started training to do so.  if you call running a few times a week and maybe throw a 6 miler in on the weekends training, but hey, that is training for me!
i have been a consistent runner for about the last 20 years, initially i started running because it burns lots of calories = weight loss.  that is not the case any more, not that i don’t still burn a lot of calories, but the weight loss doesn’t come with it and that really isn’t my goal or my why. 
I was recently asked…
 ‘why do you run?’
i run because it keeps me sane, or as sane as i can be. 🙂
i know this doesn’t just apply to me, nor am i the first to talk about it,as with every workout i do, but especially running there are several reason why.
it gives me time to just think
clears my mind
releases stress
makes me a better person
chases away the crabbiness
makes me a better mom, friend, co-worker etc.
make me productive, seriously… i get so much more done after a good run!
it also makes me eat, like a lot!
my children know this too…they can tell, they sense my irritation increase when the day is moving along and i have yet to break a sweat.  often times they are the ones pushing me out the door.
‘please mom, you just need to go workout, please go do something!’
they, being grace (14), wyatt (12), jesse (8) mae (5), are main motivators as to why i run. my hope is that over time they may want to join me and maybe, just maybe they themselves will be consistent runners one day.  as for now though, they are pushing me out the door.
generally i work out 6-7 days a week,  at the minimum i need 3 of those workouts to be a run.  i need that sweat
the banging of my knees
the mindless netflix show
or loud music
the chaffing
the blisters
the heart rate increase
the burn of sweat dripping in my eye
the mind game
the thought wandering
the negotiations i make with my self along the way
running, at times it can be the hardest thing to gear myself up for, those are usually the best runs, and other times i just pop right up and go.  but nothing tops that feeling of being done.  it doesnt matter if it is a quarter of a mile or 26.2, when i have that distance in my head that i am going to do, hitting cool down on the treadmill or the buzz of the watch telling me i have hit that distance is satisfaction.  a double strike through on my list of things to do.  one that cannot be compared to many others on the accomplishment rating.
it has taken me years to call myself a runner, but regardless of my pace or distance i am just that, a runner, and i am grateful to be.

oh hey friday…grateful edition

I’m still keeping on with my grateful posts and mixing it in with oh hey friday.

i havent lined up in awhile, so lets go back to it.
5 anything, 5 something, you pick just link it back here to september farm and the farmers wife. leave a comment here too so i know who to go and read along with. 


oh and how cute is this summer badge that goes with it?? 

so lets talk grateful, these of course are in no particular order. 🙂 

1//     my virtual beachbody groups – so grateful for this, for so many different reasons. when these girls get together on an app and get to encouraging, swapping stories, tips and recipes only good comes from it all. these peeps are from all over and working hard to crush fitness goals. now of course that makes me super grateful but more so is that these gals have become my friends, like real friends and i love that. we are in the trenches together making changes within ourselves that is making us better friends, moms, wives, daughters, aunts, uncles, husbands, coworkers…you get the drift. hearing from them day in and out, sometimes multiple times, sometimes day in between, but still hearing from them and the positivity that is happening i am just so darn grateful for that. 

the good news we are always starting again, adding new focused virtual boot campers and setting new goals. you can get in on this!! so lets talk about what works best for you to be successful! 

2//   my bleacher/insanity pals – in addition to my virtual boot camp there is still a group of us that get together each week and sweet it out with insanity. ummm….there is a lot of sweat going on with these groups and it is just awesome. these peeps inspire me to push harder and dig deeper each week to get the most out of our workout. so so grateful for their insertion week after week. 

3//  my beachbody business – totally grateful, mainly, it keeps me accountable and checked in with my goals. those goals are always evolving but one thing remains constant, the satisfaction that is amazing when i reach that goal. right now my extra beachbody money is getting stored away for christmas, in hopes of a cash christmas morning. so having the opportunity to have my own business, working it when i can around my families schedule and getting results spiritually, mentally and physically, i am grateful for that opportunity. but again, what i am grateful for the most is the relationships i have gained from that opportunity. livelong relationships i would not have it wasn’t for fitness – family – fun! 

4//  my family values fitness – yes, this one i am super grateful for. my kids have learned so much from this example of fitness. they see first hand and understand:

  • hard work
  • setting goals and reaching them
  • good healthy habits
  • fitness is fun
  • it is about being strong and secure
  • a good sweat rejuvenates you
  • exhaustion is a good thing
  • the love of chocolate chip cookies, because yes, we love chocolate chip cookies!
my girls (and my boy) know we are not focused on the scale, the weight or if you made the all star team, but you have to give 100%, be coachable and be strong and confident in yourself and what you give in all you do. i am grateful for this lesson because it has made me a better confident and strong me. 
5//  fitness – yes, i realize that is what i talked about in all of these ^^^^^^ but i am super grateful to live in a country and world where fitness is an option and spreading that love of fitness is contagious. in the past few years, since starting the spread my fitness love, it has taken me to such a better place in my life and a happier me. so i am super super grateful for that. 

time for a detox

we all want to do it
we say we are going to start
it sounds so easy

here is how it works, it is so stinkin easy peasy. 🙂 
this week, together, as a group, we will remind, stay engaged, encourage and motivate one another to drink more water! 
every single time i do this, i feel better, like instantly. 

often times you may think you are drinking enough water, but are you? 
many think it is 8, 8oz glasses a day, but is that really enough? 
are you feeling and seeing the benefits of that? 

after this week of the water challenge you will feel a difference and begin to notice the benefits of flushing out your system with a resource that often times we take for granted. 

i would love for you to join this free challenge by clicking here and paste this into the subject line:
‘add me to the water challenge’ 
it is just that easy. you will then receive your invite from me and off we go!

as part of the challenge:

  • determine the amount of water you should be drinking per day
  • add some flare to your water
  • reminders to drink your water
  • tips and tricks

and not to mention all the benefits:

  • controls calories
  • energizes muscles
  • clears your skin
  • increase your bodes flow

this past week i got hit with the flu, like hard, i was dropping dayquil, nightquil any quil i could get my hands on so i could get rid of the fever and headache,  so i know i want to focus this week on flushing all the toxins out of me and doing that with water. lets do this! 

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