time for a detox

we all want to do it
we say we are going to start
it sounds so easy

here is how it works, it is so¬†stinkin easy peasy. ūüôā¬†
this week, together, as a group, we will remind, stay engaged, encourage and motivate one another to drink more water! 
every single time i do this, i feel better, like instantly. 

often times you may think you are drinking enough water, but are you? 
many think it is 8, 8oz glasses a day, but is that really enough? 
are you feeling and seeing the benefits of that? 

after this week of the water challenge you will feel a difference and begin to notice the benefits of flushing out your system with a resource that often times we take for granted. 

i would love for you to join this free challenge by clicking here and paste this into the subject line:
‘add me to the water challenge’¬†
it is just that easy. you will then receive your invite from me and off we go!

as part of the challenge:

  • determine the amount of water you should be drinking per day
  • add some flare to your water
  • reminders to drink your water
  • tips and tricks

and not to mention all the benefits:

  • controls calories
  • energizes muscles
  • clears your skin
  • increase your¬†bodes flow

this past week i got hit with the flu, like hard, i was dropping dayquil, nightquil any quil i could get my hands on so i could get rid of the fever and headache,  so i know i want to focus this week on flushing all the toxins out of me and doing that with water. lets do this! 

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