hi – i’m liz and i am thrilled you stopped by my little piece of the internet! let me tell you a bit about me, it only seems right since this is the about section of the blog.

  • i live out in the suburbs of cleveland, ohio where i have pretty much have lived my whole life.  i got crazy once and thought i could move away, boy that was funny.  my next move will be to the beach.
  • being a mom to my 4 people is my greatest accomplishment.  i am winging it and working at it every.single.day.  we are not perfect, we are perfect together.
  • i am retired from drinking – jan 1, 2018
  • i am constantly working to keep up with my active little family. (i guess we are not too little, there are 6 of us + the dog, chewy.)  i work full time for a company i love and balance in there workouts and amazing friends.
  • i am perfecting #mompto
  • i am really working on not using curse words, or at least a lot less out loud and more in my head. although that contradicts what i am also working on…being consistent with my words, thoughts and actions, so i guess i should just try to stop swearing altogether.
  • apparently i am a work in progress…i am good with that.
  • grateful


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