holiday bucket list

my people and i are pushing hard here at the end of the year.  today starts my first day of pto (no mom pto this time!)  and the kids last day of school.  we have a full list of to do’s to finish out the year along with the several basketball games and practices.  i am going to pack the jolliest of holiday fun into these next 2 weeks or go down trying! 

so the list itself i swiped right from etst.  mine is a simpler form of that amazingness she has over there, we wont be jetting of to CHI town for the weekend, but hey, we are going to go to North Ridgville to see the lights, so really, who is the winner here?

the end goal…  family fun.  Here is the catch.  I have lots of years to cover on the fun factor.  I have my 6 year old littlest crazy person who still is fun with the wonder of Christmas, a 9 year old that needs reminding of the power of believe, a teenage boy with visions of you tuber dancing in his head, along  with a freshmen girl who is a good sport and comes along for all my bucket list adventures, or she may just be coming along for that special holiday meal from mto, it is her holiday bucket list favorite!   
Not familiar with mto? oh you just wait, that will be whole separate post! 

the point being, these next couple of weeks I plan on soaking up as much of my people that I possibly can.  spending every single second with them, if that is possible,  making these holiday’s the merriest, laughing until our faces hurt and snuggled in with them at the end of the day passed out from all the holiday cheer!  

we have checked 2 items off the list thus far:
decorate the christmas tree – check

watch A Christmas Story Live! – check, kind of.  the recording cut off a the end due to the football game going over. ugh… but still a check. 

there is a lot of holiday cheer on deck for this week, cookie making, christmas dance party, oh the fun! 

say tuned for all the fun and how i will keep them all engaged, or you may just see me going down  hard trying, either way, it will be a win. 

do you have a holiday bucket list?  if so what is on it?  


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  1. Holiday bucket list includes watching Elf, making pierogis, eating pierogis LOL, wrapping gifts while watching Love Actually (it's a Christmas movie, I swear!) and ending the year strong with my Pete the Planner financial webinar! hahaha. Merry Christmas 🙂


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