finish it, even if it is a granola bar.

this is what i felt like during that week between christmas and new years. 


everything seemed to be half done. 
i did get some items checked off my to do list, but the over achiever in me always feels like i can accomplish more. 

a few weeks ago i told someone that i finish nothing, i always have great ideas and good intentions but pulling it through to the end…not my strong trait. 2017 i want that to change. i am being realistic, i know i am not going to finish everything, but i will improve. 

something i did get done, goal setting 2017.

i followed this plan this year and really liked it. i had used the LWSL planner last year, and liked that too, so i am familiar with Ruth’s philosophy. 
the goal crushing program is supposed to be done over a week, but the binger i am, i did them all in 2 days. the videos were not long and i listened to them while i walked or ran and then watched them again and took all my notes. 

so i have my plan, i have my really big scary goal and i am committed to getting there. each week i will be using the weekly wizard sheet to get there. all of this makes me:

but most important i want to continue to feel motivated. 

oh and by the way, in the picture above, i did finish that puzzle. i was taking it apart to put it away, then apparently i got distracted. when i came back to ‘finish it’, apparently someone else had stopped by and left their granola bar, that someone apparently did not finish the granola bar. 

here is to finishing and finishing strong! 


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