day 1 fail and how i over came it

this whole time i have been preparing for sabbatical my main goal has to be able to focus on being a mom for the next 4 weeks, you know being that mom that makes the kids breakfast, see’s them off to school, get them off the bus and gets them to activities on time.

day 1= fail.
715am i wake up and realize….the bus picks up jesse at 7.
that is right, we all overslept!

but, there is a bonus! i am not in a hurry and can easily wake everyone up and take the one who missed the bus off to school. you know, good mom stuff. so impressive i could recover!

grace did point out i haven’t made dinner yet, but never, did i ever say i was going to cook dinner, so its not like i made a promise i didn’t keep. i think she may be a bit judgy, just sayin.

so in my book, today was really day 1 of sabbatical, and in my quest to be productive, i felt like i was.
everyone woke up on time and i did some laundry. that is success, right?

i am close to completing my netflix binge of parenthood, but technically that was pre-sabbatical, i started that about a month ago. i am on the last season and starting to get sad to see the end. what do you suggest next? narco’s? i hear that is good.

one of my to do’s is complete my Core de Force workout. i am loving this program, i just feel bad ass throwing punches and slamming knees. not to mention the arm strength it is building…i love it!

next up…christmas cards and shaving 10lbs off my face in the picture. stay tuned…

then i need to pick and start my book choices, for the goal of read 3 books. any suggestions?

but for now, im snuggled in on the couch with all my peeps, watching one of the classics:

‘you taught me everything know about exterior illumination.’

‘if i woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet i wouldn’t be any more surprised then i am right now.’

‘looks great. little full. lotta sap.’

-clark griswold

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