oh hey friday…on saturday!

shocking…but we have a pretty free weekend which is crazy and unheard of!

so this is what i plan on doing for the weekend.

but first:
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3 | tell all your friends + have a fantastic friday.

1// yoga – this week i haven’t been able to get my hot yoga in. i have been going twice a week at the minimum while grace is at practice. it works well with dropping her off and picking up so i go get my sweat on. the thing about hot yoga…i just do not understand how my body produces that much sweat! seriously, i am in my down dog and it is literally pouring off me. when i come up and extend my arms over my head, splash splash my sweat is a flying. so sorry for those around me. 
so sorry.
but good lord, i love me some hot yoga and today did not disappoint. 

2// tonight one of my best gal pals is hitting the big 4-0! i can talk about it cause i don’t think she reads this and if she does, she won’t read it before it happens. she doesn’t know but we are meeting her out for some 40 fun. the goal was for her to get 40 bottles of wine from all of her different friends, i added to her stock with my favorite cheap wine from our local grocery. funny story on that, she just happens to be one of graces teachers, or former teacher, and she brought grace home one evening and she needed to stop at the store. well she needed wine and then they happened to see a bunch of other students at the store so they were both all freaked out! i stocked her up so she doesn’t have to stop at the store with my kiddo any more to get wine. 🙂 

3// my boy had a game today and since i had no vball to attend i was able to go! my boy…he is working hard and i am super proud of him. i cannot wait until he is a 6’8″ stud…it is going to happen and i will love every.second.of.it.

4// i got to do a workout. actually, i have done all my workouts this week, but getting a bonus workout in makes me super super happy, especially since i will be sporting number 5 in a few weeks. i am in the thick of the fix extreme and let me tell you, this workout does not disappoint. i love them and love that i am feeling them right after. what i love more is i am feeling so much stronger and have definition in my arms. it is a work in progress, but am love, love, loving it! 
bonus…my challenge group is starting round 2 monday and you can get on the crazy crazy fun! just message me. 

5//  not that anyone looks forward to this, but on our way to meet our 40 year old friend we will be stopping off here. to order me this for my puerto rico trip in a week and a half! yahoo whoo! i am super excited to get in the warm sun, run in the sun, enjoy some great relaxing time and probably eat a ton! i cant wait to get this suit and hope it lives up to the reviews of keeping the girls in place, that is a must! 

I’m pretty sure this girl is the spitting image of me. lololol
that is is five on fir day…or saturday, all wrapped up! 
what are you doing this weekend? 


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