yep, that is right, my girl has been a teenager officially for a month now, so it is probably time for me to write about it. 

as always…her 13th birthday was a crazy busy day

but we still managed to get her to her dinner choice, the b spot, she wanted one of those bad a** milkshakes, yum! 

she also wanted an iPhone, so since she is a teen, gets great grades and i pretty much leave her in random places for her activities we decided it was time for one and guess what? she has only had it taken away twice since she got it! ha! 

anyway…the phone was set up, wrapped up and awaiting in the gift bag so i called it. bspot is a little loud, so she couldn’t hear it ringing, so i just had to hand it to here and tell her i thought this was for her. she was thrilled, of course! 

along with the phone came a three page contract (thank you tiffany) setting expectations and advising some unsolicited, but very enlightening mother advise. 

so once that contract was read, reviewed in signed in crayon, she was texting, gramming and happily taking pictures on her phone. 

and we went on to have a great dinner! 

since i have been blessed to be this gals mom for 13 years and 1 month, here are 13 things about grace, not just 13 i love, because there are so many more than that, but 13 random things. 

1//   she is the best sister…like seriously, she does everything for these gals

like, everything. 
when they are crazed, she calms them down
when i am crazed, she protects them
whatever these gals need…she is on top of it for them. more so than me 9 times out of 10.

and this boy…she is the best sister to him. she has this kids back fiercely. they have a goofy, fun, crazy, close bond that just makes my heart melt. she love this boy as much as i do and is the most amazing sister. 

2//    she loves basketball

she always has

3//    she loves volleyball
she has always loved that one too

4// she is super calm, not much gets her worked up

5// she is a great student

6// she dreams big

7// she is prone to freak injuries

8//    she had super curly hair and i loved it! 

9// she is silly 

 10//    she works really hard


11//    she tries new things

 12//    she loves to watch basketball 

 13//  she is just about the ugliest sleepers…but one of the best things i love about her! 

 growing up, i always wanted boys, boy am i glad that wasn’t what was in the plan for me. 



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