a day late but the party goes on!

this handsome devil is 11

and 11 is treating him very well in the last 12 hours. (he didn’t ‘officially’ turn 11 until 11:08 friday)

so here goes as i try to get 5 things in about him for oh hey friday…even though it is saturday. 

he is quirky, always has been, always will be and honestly it is one of his best traits. he has so many little ‘things’ and i love each and every one of them. most of them cannot be named in pictures, like:
he hates when we move furniture or change anything in the house. like really, anything. 
he gets nervous when he has to get rid of clothes after they are too small. 
he wears fleece pi’s all year round – 90degrees out, he is comfy in full covered fleece. 
he can dance! 
he hates loud noises
cannot stand to get his hair cut
has no clue how to put clothes together, like a shirt and shorts…no clue. 
he had to wear this necklace for about 3 years, like was so distraught when it broke off i always got a back up each year on vacation. 
speaking of vacation, when we go to hilton head, he insist we always stay in the same house. he won’t even hear of changing houses. 

he can eat. he has always been able to put a ton of food away, and more often then not it isn’t healthy food. he is a huge fan of cereal, like eats it by the box. also loves wings when his dad makes them, cheeseburgers, steak, and mac and cheese. when he was young, like 2 or so, i would find him up in the middle of the night getting ham out of the fridge and rolling it up with cheese for a roll up as he would call them. he has always been an eater. 




he loves his blue guy, loves him. grandma holly got him the blue guy when he was 2. poor blue guy has been through a lot, but will always have a space with wyatt. the blue guy rocks! 

//4/ he is the best brother, don’t get me wrong, his sisters drive him nuts. but he and grace hardly ever fight, they are two peas in a pod and love each other dearly. they have fun together, laugh, share jokes and generally want to be around one another. 


//5/ if you asked him right now what he would want to do, he would tell you go to camp ligioneer or beaulah beach. he loves him some summer jesus camp, can’t get enough of it! 


and dang, do i just miss him as a baby, seriously, he was just the cutest. i miss his sweet little voice, his chubby chubby self, his crazy non stop craziness. i can’t wait to see what the future holds for this boy, but not too quickly! 




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