oh hey friday

yeah! it is Friday and I am back to blogging! the last few weeks have been crazy with work and travel, so I am happy to be home, resting and enjoying the weather.
here is the deal, you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it.  happy weekend!

Community Challenge
ok so we all say it, and want to do it but never take that jump into starting a fitness program!  take this time for you and commit to changing your body through exercise, better nutrition and team accountability! i am looking for all different fitness levels, ages, young and old to join this community challenge to better health and fitness. there are so many benefits that will come along with it, not just the weight loss, but your increased confidence, your stronger self, you better health it is all for you and you deserve that!
you pick on of the following three programs
The 21 Day FixON SALE though the end of September!
P90 – ON SALE for a limited time
i add you to the interactive, private, fun, program group and through the duration of the program you commit to drinking Shakeology and completing the program. you will receive daily coaching from me, accountability for your workouts, tips, fun, recipes, and prizes for everyone who completes the program. 
oh yeah, there is also a grand price (over $150 value) at then end!  message me at simonbob15@yahool.com for all the details and we can find the program that is perfect for you. 
toms cuteness
this one doesn’t get much cuter, but i can’t pinpoint what i love the most, the shoes, the box they came in or that girl wearing them. i love toms but little toms…nothing cuter!   
mindless tv watching

i am not much of a tv watcher, ever since i got rid of cable last year, that is a whole other post!, i never really went back to watching all of the episodes i recorded. this weekend i am just laying around watching tv, that is about it. last night i caught up on all my recorded episodes of The Jennie Garth Project, i have been a fan of that girl since the 90210 days so combining my favorite past sitcom along with home remodeling and bang i have myself a new favorite!
i am getting caught up on The Pioneer Woman then maybe try to throw in some Downton Abby and switch gears totally with24. 
big goals for the weekend…big goals.
project life app
are you a scrapbooker?  have you checked out the new project life app? holy convenient!!
yesterday while waiting around for an oppointment that was running two hours late i was able to create these two pages.  i really want to be a scrapper again, like really…but have no time.  although i love the pages that have real elements  on them, this gets the job done and i can have both.  it has been a goal of mine for a long time to jump into project life, like really jump in. over the next month i plan on making that happen and i have a feeling i am going to love this app!
sports season
we are officially into the chaos season of basketball and volleyball. my evenings and weekends consist of sitting in gyms and this will go into may. yes, there may be a weekend of two where there is a break, but over all it is the season.  it is crazy, overwhelming, but a good chaos i wouldn’t want any other way.

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