The 3 Day Refresh

last week i needed a reset so i was thrilled to try the 3 day refresh.  this is exactly what i needed after spending the week prior filling myself with junk!  i did so great up until vacation and even through vacation but that week back…boom! in the past when i needed a reset i have juiced, i loved the juice, the taste of it, i used to dream about almond milk but not only the expense is too much for me but i noticed how it really messed me up after.  also, with the amount of workouts i do, juicing isn’t good for that as i would have zero energy when juicing.

a few times i did what several people referred to as a Shakeology cleanse, but even that is not giving your body the nutrients it needs. therefore, when beach body came out with the 3 day refresh!  this program was designed because so many people were doing a 3 day shakeology cleanse and the creator of Shakeology and the founder of beach body worked together (a husband/wife duo) to ensure that if doing a three day detox you are still getting the nutrients that you need, along with some energy! i was thrilled with the 3 day refresh.

when i first opened that box i will have to admit, i was worried when i saw a package that was called ‘fiber sweep’.  i was going to be doing this at work so wasn’t sure how well that would go over, really the whole thing was great and i will be doing it again and again!

let me give you an overview of the entire program.

Shakeology – umm if you know me at all you know i love me some shakeology!  the only difference for me on the refresh was i only added water to my shakeology, oh and ice, where i usually add some vanilla unsweetened almond milk.  water was just fine with me though, actually, since the refresh i have cut the amount of almond milk. Packed with superfoods, you will start your day with your daily dense dose of vitamins all packed into shakeology.  This will give you energy and maintain healthy blood sugar levels so you are alert, awake and have the energy for your day!

Vanilla Fresh – now this one sounded good to me right from the start.  For you lunch portion you are able to add fruit so I added pineapple to mine and it was delish!! it helps curb your hunger with more than 20 grams of wholesome plant-based protein, 22 essential vitamins and minerals, probiotics for digestive health, and a patented potato protein extract that keeps you full.  I have to say, i really did like the vanilla refresh even without the fruit.  i made mine super cold and added ice.  when i mixed it in my vita mix (dinner) it was even better, nice and frothy!

Fiber Sweep – like i said, this one made me nervous, but it was all fine.  i did learn after the first day to use very cold water when mixing this one up.  my bar tending days came in handy as i quickly chugged this one down.  it isn’t something you would say to yourself ‘boy i would really like a fiber sweep today’ but it is drinkable.  i suggest using a straw and just getting it down.  now, to answer the question i got the most, i did not run to the bathroom immediately, actually i never had any digestive issues or problems throughout the entire cleanse.  now, if you do not normally eat fruits, veggies and a little but healthy that may be a different issue, but i normally have those in my diet, it is just that i have them along with all the other junk! the point of the fiber sweep is to naturally eliminate waste from your digestive system with its patent-pending blend of whole ground flax, chia, and psyllium seed husks. Fiber Sweep can help lower cholesterol and support healthy blood sugar levels.

the kit also comes with a great program guide that outlines what and when to have your meals, snacks and drinks.  it also allows you to fill in so your are prepared each day with what you are going to eat.  there is a little prep work to be done, but nothing crazy and less time then i usually prep.

overall  during the three days i felt great. i worked out as usual, even a little more as i did two insanity classes on the second day and one on the first and last day. i stuck with my piyo workouts all three days as well. i would have never been able to make it through those with juice.  i did loose some pounds over the three days, it wasn’t my goal but of course i was pleased with that.  my stomach was flatter in the end, which i always appreciate as that is where i hold all my weight. i will say i did have to ensure i drank a gallon of water each day.  i am always a slacker in the drinking water dept, so that did make me feel full an bloated, but as always that went away and drinking too much water isn’t a bad thing.

i do recommend the three day refresh, especially when you are feeling the need to reset yourself, have a special occasion coming up, want to jump start whole, healthy eating habits, after a vacation or just when you are feeling sluggish and/or tired.  i defiantly will be refreshing again, we are planning a quick Captiva trip in less than two weeks so i am sure it will be in order right before!

I would love to answer questions or send me your feedback from the refresh.  send them directly to me at or comment here. i also have a Shake Challenge coming up if you want to jump start your good eating habits with a refresh and 30 days of Shakeolgy.


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