A weekend home!

I am so excited for the next 4 days…it is the little things, like being home!  This weekend is the first since December:

  • we don’t have basketball tournament
  • we don’t have a volleyball
  • only 2 commitments
  • only 1 sporting event
I have SO many things on the ToDo List I had to download a new ToDo List app! I just keep adding things one after another. If I get 10 out of the 50 I will be thrilled. Most importantly I will be planting and getting some much needed outside clean up done.  (Yes, the inside of my house is a wreck too, but I am focusing on one little area at a time.)  

In my mind my flowers will look like this
My back patio like this:
and I am still brainstorming for front patio ideas. 
yes, there is tons to do on my To Do List but tomorrow is the top one! 
Thankfully, I work for an amazing company that has an awesome culture.  Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year…Cedar Point Day!! 
Oh my, how I love this day!  Really, when there is talk of eliminating events I start to panic in fear this one may go.  We are able to take a day and able to go to the park & are provided 2 tickets, a parking pass along with lunch money! How great is that.  Every year I take the older 2 kids out of school, they love the rides, and we spend the most fun filled day in the park.  I realize each year how much older I have gotten, I cannot handle the rides, I get a headache, my back hurts, my stomach hurts, I can’t take the pounding from the rides, BUT it is still a great FUN filled day! We take the older two kids out of school for the day and hit all the rides.  This year we are going to add Jesse into the gang. She won’t be tall enough to ride everything, but will have a ball in snoopy land. (with me, nursing my stomach/head ache) OH the memories from last year! 

looking forward to tomorrow!
I will be beach to report on that to do list! 


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