3 Days Left to Save

This program is it! It will transform you to fit, strong and healthy…all the things I am working on! T25 has made me a better mom, friend, person, runner, daughter, sister you name it.  It has helped me gain confidence in my own skin, be less judgmental of myself, made me look in the mirror and accept me for who I am. It takes 25 minutes of focus each day, and let me tell you I actually look forward to those 25 minutes. The way I feel after those 25 minutes is the best I feel all day.  The meal plan is SIMPLE to follow and if your goal is to loose weight and you stick to the plan, YOU WILL!  Do you just want to get strong and fit?  YOU WILL! I could go on and on, but really YOU have to want to start. I WANT to help you get started with fitness goals, even if it is not T25 (even though I am a big fan), any goals.  I would love to help you set some!  Just message me. simonbob15@yahoo.com

This sale price of $180 on the Challenge Pack is only through April 30th.  You get all 10 weeks of the program, resistance band, meal plan, & wall calendar but the best…1 months supply of your daily dose of dense nutrition, Shakeology.  Click here to see all the amazing benefits of Shakeology! The energy, the super foods you could NEVER get into your body otherwise, the cravings disappear, just.so.good!

Contact me, I would love to be your FREE coach!


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