I had such a great Friday/Saturday with my friend Lisa. We became friends running, imagine that, and she is one of my best workout buddies ever! You become real close with a girl when you spend hours, I mean hours together during the week torturing yourself. And you talk and share just about everything when you are training for a marathon when you have long runs. Anything over 5 miles the topics are fair game. She is just the best. The best because her and Pat took me to the BEST pizza/pasta place for dinner and did not judge me when I put away a ginormous piece of pizza and spinach ravioli there may have been a salad there as well. That is what I love best, she is not a judger!

I also love her kids! How could you not love these boys:

we took a #selfie

such a good boy! 

On Saturday we went and got certified to teach Insanity!

If you would have told me I would be doing something like that even 6 months ago I would have called you a nut! but I mentioned to her maybe, just maybe it would be cool to do and she had signed up and it was a done deal an hour later! I am so glad we did though! It was a good class and an amazing workout. Hopefully I will be teaching it with my first group in the next couple of weeks.

This was our class, great group! 
power jump!

We captured this gem after our workout and then stuffing ourselves with Panera. Oh and then we had to go back and workout again after filling up on soup & sandwich. Maybe not the best choice. 

my chinneck is slowing green/yellow from my shirt. that is weird!

It was just a great, quick trip and day. So fun! We are running the Cleveland half together in a few weeks, that means I should probably really start running. I guess 3 miles a week doesn’t really count as really running.

More importantly how does he lay like this?! 


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