Beachbody Journey

I have always tried to be active. I have ran for over the past 20 years, sometimes a lot sometimes a little but have always been pretty consistent. That was until this past October. I finished my 4th marathon last October, I had trained great, did all my long runs, speed training, tempo runs consistently. I was so happy when I was done, I had finished in the time frame I wanted to be at and felt ok at the end and said to myself at the end, once again, I am done running marathons, I am a halfer girl here on out. After the end of that marathon a friend of mine and I had taken a picture together, that was my eye opening moment that something HAD to change. I looked at that picture and was disgusted with how I looked. It wasn’t the salt lines all over my face and shirt or the wangers of my hair it was my chubby self. I had just completed 26.2 miles, burned over 1800 calories for probably the 6th weekend in a row, was in great shape cardio wise and I was bigger than ever! On that drive home from Chicago, after I put away my post marathon sub, mocha and chocolate chip cookie and I made a decision on what had to change, my workouts was my first step.

That next week I started 2 things, yoga and Insanity and both have been life changing, in two different ways of course. Insanity is tough, but it was the sweat and workout I needed to start making changes in my body shape. I like the style of the workouts the different workouts each day and the good soreness I felt at the end. It helped me realize how weak I really was and how I really had zero strength, especially core strength. My ‘trouble’ area has always been my gut, even before I had kids that was where I have always stored my chub, but after kids it has just gotten worse and worse over the years. I realize now that is mainly due to my diet, a struggle every day, but the fact I had no core strength was not helping me either. Insanity helped me identify that and began that transformation. Yoga has improved my core a ton as well!

Most important yoga has helped me so much to focus and breathe, I love yoga and it has helped me to be a better person and mom overall. It builds so much strength and confidence, I cannot stress that enough for me. Hot yoga though, that is a whole other amazing ball game! Each time I leave a hot yoga class I fell so refreshed, detoxed and like a new start. I also am completely dumbfounded on how I can possible sweat that much! The sweat just pours off me and it is just so refreshing!! I love that each class I can find myself getting stronger, hold the pose longer, maybe get in a little further, but it is happening and I LOVE that!

Early November I changed my eating habits, mainly due to a yoga event. This helped tremendously and I can honestly say I have never felt that great in my life. Eliminating many foods from my diet for 21 days opened my eyes to know how great I really could feel and with some more confidence I was down right happy with myself, boy what a difference that makes. Yoga just changed my outlook on many things, and allowed me to let go of a lot of things I needed to. IT was SO well worth it.

With the success of Insanity I knew I wanted to finish that 180 day program, and I was determined to! I had always heard about Beachbody programs and had given Insanity and P90X a try in the past but never finished and was never committed. I was so happy to finish and to see positive changes in my body shape, I missed running, but really wanted the changes I was seeing by using different muscles and different parts of my body were gaining strength. I decided to commit to Shakeology. I was VERY skeptical about this. I had tried protein shakes in the past and Never liked that taste, texture, feeling after. What I didn’t realize was Shakeology is NOT a protein shake. The first time I made my Shakeology shake I added so many extra ingredients to try to mask the taste it ended up being almost 600 calories!!! I then started leaving an extra out, and realized it was great without anything extra. I can honestly say I LOVE Shakeology! I carve Shakeology, it gives me amazing energy, has reduced my cravings and most importantly allows me to start my day with a dose, dense amount of vitamins and super foods. It is packed with so much goodness, more than I would ever be able to get into my system alone. Seriously, just typing about Chocolate Shakeology makes my mouth water thinking about it. I cannot say enough good about Shakology and how it has provided so much goodness for me.

That brings me to making the decision to become a Beachbody coach. I am NOT an expert on nutrition and fitness, but what I do know is how much Beachbody programs and products have helped me reach fitness goals. I am still working on those goals and the goals change as I move forward in this journey, but I have all the tools that started with Insanity, moved into Shakeology and currently T25. The results have been great and I want to share that love with everyone! It makes me so happy when I can introduce the fitness programs and products to new customers to start them and work with and encourage them down the health and fitness path. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE and it is not so much about weight loss as it is about being healthy, strong and doing it for yourself!!!

My story with Beachbody will continue…
How many times did I type Shakeology in this post?! Do you think I love it?!


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