So I have not posted consistently like I said I would…try again! Here is a random sampling of fun for the past month!

League CHAMPS, Tournament CHAMPS, Mercy ruled every game this season!
He So wanted this hat at Target
nappy baby on the long drive to Michigan
 hills on my morning run in Michigan, this was an AWESOME 4 miles
 nappy baby in Michigan
 two cousins missing and one random kid thrown in
 Torch Lake day
 The harvest from my garden!
 detox with green juice after 5 days in Michigan
 super power hair dryer from Hopie. I think she got sick of it taking so long to dry her hair when she is here!
 what color to choose?
 my little pink home for 3 days
 post 60 miles mocha
 Crocker Park Movie Night UP!
 Wyatt said to me after this picture was taken, ‘Mom, I am actually having fun with you and J tonight’. 
 mapping out the Gallery Wall
 went for a walk on a Saturday morning, and came home with this. That how we roll when you go on a walk with Brenda Kirk.
 Everyone loves the new little person table!
 The amount of love I have for BPC Cashew Milk is weird
 you would not know it from this picture, but this baby HATES this car seat!
baby taking brother for a ride

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