and she is off…her first day of pre school in a brand new classroom in a brand new building! I am shocked and amazed I cannot believe she is in preschool, I know she is ready I just didnt want to let her go. She keeps telling me ‘Mom, PLEASE let me get bigger!’ so off she goes to the new emerald room, with new teachers, new work everything she needs!

When I got home I was carrying Mae into the house and she looked right at me & gave me a HUGe smile as if saying ‘Mom, this is what I have been waiting for for the past 8 week!’
so here I am in my 4 hours of solitude & Mae time, she is asleep and I feel like I have forgotten to put on a major piece of clothing without someone yelling, whining, or needing something from me. It is crazy that I miss them when they are away…but totally LoVE the time 🙂

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