Friday was a great day for Wyatt. Sports, a touchy subject, the main reason my kids are active in sports is to keep them active all year long. They play soccer all winter indoors, then move into the summer outdoors. Summer brings softball/baseball, Grace’s team is fun to watch, she has great coaches and likes the game, she does well. Wyatt…well…he isnt the picture of an athlete, nor does he have any instincts some kids his age have. He goes to the games, plays in the dirt if he happens to get in the infield, his goal thus far had been to be the dirtiest one, that would be from picking up the dirt and dumping it on himself. It is coach/player pitch and the kids are all 7-9 years old, so he is clearly the youngest and the smallest. (That would be his parents fault, they could not withstand another year of tee ball so bumped him up a division) Anyway…Three games into the season Wyatt still had not gotten a hit, it is pitiful, he goes up there in his too big shirt and too big batting helmet and strikes out. The bat is too heavy and he swings a bunch, misses, looks at the coach to see if he has struck out or not, then drags the bat back to the bench and is so sad. It broke my heart watching it each time.

This past Wednesday he came home after striking out each inning and finally wanted his Dad to help him. (Every other time his dad tried he did not want to work on it) Todd pitched to him for about an hour and it went pretty well. Friday night game time comes and Wyatt of course does not want to go, fights and yells the whole time he is getting ready, says he is terrible, doesn’t want to play and he cant be on the team cause he is terrible. Breaks my heart again, i am ready to just let the poor kid stay home, but we talk to him about trying, just go out there and try that is all he has to do. That kid goes to the game and has 3 GREAT hits and a few good palys in the field! It was amazing…when he got up to bat it was a whole different kid! Ready to swing, watching the ball, good swing and real legit hits! Each time he got to first base he would peer over at me with the too bog batting helmet on his head and give me thumbs up with the biggest smile ever! He was so proud of himself! Then when he would cross home and his team would give him high fives and yell ‘Good job’ he was so thrilled it was so great seeing such a change in him!
Later that night, after he got ice cream with Grandma for a job well done, he came downstairs way past his bed time and was hanging out. He was still so proud of his accomplishments and still talking about how it is so much more fun when you get hits. He told me ‘Some guy I don’t even know said to me Great Job Wyatt’
Friday was a great day to be Wyatt Simon:
  • McDonalds released the new Happy Meal toys, which he was aware of because he reads the fine print on the bottom of the happy meal bag and finds out which toys are coming next. He then checks with the McDonalds people to find out when the new release of Pokemon toys will be hitting the restaurant.
  • He got 3 hits
  • The tooth fairy came! He finally lost a tooth Thursday night, he was pretty happy since he is the only 6 year old he knows that has never lost a tooth, and he is almost 7.

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