Bullet Points

I am not a fan of typing in a bunch of separate posts in one day with all different topics. At night when i cant sleep, I think I should just come downstairs and blog…that will bore me to death, my own life! So instead of doing a bunch of past posts i am doing a bullet list of things i should have blogged about, but didn’t. Mainly because when I look back in 3 years, when I am trying to remember something maybe this will jog my memory!

  • Relay for Life was last week…great cause, we walked all night (i think we were the only team that did) I believe a total of 100k was raised for American Cancer Society.
  • Relay for Life was great but makes me miss Joel so much the whole weekend
  • I am HUGE
  • My fingers look like sausages and my feet are fat
  • I may soon not be able to refer to the White Trash Pool as the White Trash Pool. The deck is almost finished
  • Brenda & I had flower day!! It is my favorite day of the year. I got some great stuff and made beautiful pots, I need to add some more but that makes me super happy, flower day. I think we are going to have flower day part 2.
  • I have new beds around the patio which i LOVE and got some new patio furniture that makes it a little oasis while sitting in the back yard. That really makes me happy!
  • We got neighbors…
  • I cannot wait to join Weight Watchers
  • I cannot wait to go for a run!!! I am so jealous watching runners.
  • Kids finished school and got the best report cards again for the entire year. It makes me so proud my kids get perfect marks, probably cause I never did!
  • I am having a contraction right now, that is annoying because I have them all the time but they are not the big ones which i need to happen!
  • This new baby has nothing yet, not even a name
  • The girls need to bunk up
  • Cedar Point day was great fun! Grace rode every ride and Wyatt even jumped on some coasters. His highlight was riding the Wildcat a Bunch of times in a row with different high school girls each time.
  • I walked 6 miles today with Aunt Kath and that felt great!
  • Grace went to basketball camp last week and worked hard which makes me happy
  • The kids stayed all night (the older 2) at Relay and it makes me proud they know what the cause is and why it is important. Wyatt crawled up on me during the lumaniaria ceremony & told me he was going to sit with me because he knows i am sad about my friend dying from cancer.
  • We got a piano, it is old and out of tune but it was free and I am trying to get used to it
  • I need a new playlist
  • I hope my brother Rob comes to visit soon
That is all I have for now…

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