sound like my mother

ugh…it happened to me tonight. Not that it hasn’t happened before but tonight was a good one.

My good pal Hope is staying with us and she was heading out to a wedding tonight. She wanted me to see the dresses she had in mind and each one of them i felt were too short! Before I was leaving for the evening, she asked me one last time to tell her what i though, I even asked, you want me to tell you the truth?
and i said it…It is too short and you need to wear nylons with it…that is SO my mom talking, and it made me gasp! I even carried on to say she needed something more conservative, which is totally not her style!
When i left that night i felt terrible, for telling her that the dress didn’t look great & for sounding like my mother. As I was walking through the mall later that evening I cut through H&M and passed three different versions of the dress Hope wore to the wedding. I then decided that apparently she is young & hip and I am old and lame…and sound like my mother 😦

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