Great Day!

Friday & Saturday were just great days! I love that, lots accomplished and lots of fun. I had taken Friday off work to spend some QT with Grace. She was off school so it was a great day for us to hang out, and that we did. We dropped the other kids off at school and then had breakfast together, ran a few errands and then headed off to Boston Mills for a day of skiing. Grace was great, she took 1 lesson with a great instructor and when I returned she was going up the chair lift and down the hill! It was so COOL, I was nervous about this because I knew she wanted to like it but was not so sure how it would go. When I left her with the instructor it was odd, just leaving your child with some random stranger that you knew nothing about. I got to have a few runs in that hour, well several seeing how it was Boston Mills but the snow was great and I really had a peaceful time. After Grace was done we spent the next 4 hours just skiing, she was a trooper, she did not want to stop and even hit the blues. Im so glad she loved it and it is great it is something we can do together for many years to come. Makes me smile:)

Here she is riding up the lift, it is great ride a ski lift with your kid.
Grace wanted to spend the night at Grandma’s after her full day and boy was she beat. We headed over to Megan & Mike’s to watch the opening ceremonies, that was great to spend some time with them and the girls. Wendy and Stones were there as well but we missed Fisher as he was already asleep.
Saturday was productive, I worked out which was great! Grace spent the day with Taylor which thrilled her! Wyatt, J & I went to the game. Wyatt was thrilled he got to catch a t-shirt from one of the ‘big guy’s’ that made his day. I then cleaned, I love getting the kitchen just good and clean! I put a log in the fireplace and watched sappy movies ‘Pretty Woman’ & ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ I had seen both which is even better, but good flicks. It was a great night.
Tomorrow work, lots to do!
but first I am working on candles tonight…very exciting!

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