Catching up

man… i just never have time to blog anymore, i need to make time! I wish i could blog from my phone, there has to be a way, i just need to figure it out.
I have not scrapped in so long, i need to make the time for that also. Right now my scrappin room is so buried in crap i need a weekend to just dig myself out of there. That is on my list of things to do. Amazingly i do have a master plan to get to that! I actually have plans to change the front room into my scrappin/office. I am so excited about it. My friend Hopie is helping me with all my home winter projects. This weekend Todd is finally going to hang the TV on the wall and then the winter projects will begin. I decided maybe if i attempt to make thins house a little better i may like it more. I figure im pretty much going to live here forever so i may as well make the best of it.
MY MOM GOT A JOB! yeah! that is the best news ever! I am so happy for her and for the whole job thing. She has been off work since last december so about 10 months so she was really freaking out. It is right down the street from my work so i am glad for that. I think it will be great for her so i am so happy about that.
Last night i went downtown for Katy’s 21st birthday…i’m pld that is all i have to say about that.
Grace turns 6 on tuesday, so amazing she is 6. She is doing SO well in kindergarten, her teacher is great, so nice, sweet.
Wyatt is 4 and is a crazy little boy. He is in preschool and making it through each day, some days trouble some days none.
Jesse will be 5 months this week and is such a joy. She is eating everything and growing like a weed. She smiles and laughs and such a good baby.
i will scrap soon and post pictures… i promise.


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