i am bloggin. it is amazing, i just read a bunch of blogs so i figured i would update mine.
so…it has been three months…
grace started kindergarten yesterday…so sweet so cool to watch her become a school age kid but yet breaks my heart. i took pics but they are not ready to post yet. she is going to kindergarten where i work so it is so awesome! there are only 10 kids in her class and miss catilyn is just so nice, young cute happy all the things you want for a kindergarten teacher. I was nervous for her even though it wasnt much of a change from her summer ‘kids club’ routine but it ended up being a big change anyway! The room was transformed in one week into a AwEsomE kindergarten room and she has transitioned so well into her new role in the kids club all day tonow kindergarten and kids club. Waking up early is her biggest complaint but i can relate to that. i am so proud of her!
wyatt is a BLUE room boy now! he officially started pre-K last monday. this is going to be a HugE challenge for him as he is only three…will be four in a month. All of the kids in his class are four turning five now he is a year behind him due to a paper work mistake. They wanted to move him along though from pre-school ciriculum to pre-K since he had already completed all the work from the red room. The montessori education has been so good for him and although this year is going to be very tough for him i really think he is going to do all this work just as well. He is so smart it just does not come out until he is working on his own in the classroom.
jesse is three months old….WOW of course i can say it has flown by but it just amazes me that she is three months old. At night i still just sit and hold her cause i want her to stay small ( probably why i never blog) i can just look at her and i am so content. She is in the green room and does well…really all she does is eat, sleep and play a little. They take amazing care of her and she does go outside and on plenty of walks! I am grateful she is right there at work with me i could have it no other way!
some summer highlights that it is now over..
  • Jesse on May 30th of course
  • Maternity Leave!
  • Zoo trips
  • Grace had 2 trips to Cedar Point…just last week with A.Kathie and Katy she rode all the roller coasters….freaks me out!
  • pool trips…we made a few!
  • road trips to columbus to visit our friends
  • Hopie donated a trampoline to us and we LoVE it!
  • Cooking out on sunday evenings…hopie comes overrunning three 5k’s so far and actully running on a regular basis.
  • work
  • promotions
  • no broken bones

The fall is so busy coming up! We leave for a week long Clark W. Griswold family vacation to Wally World (disney world) the kids are so excited so i am excited to just see them and how amazing it will be for them. This will be the happiest time of there whole little lives…that will be cool. Wyatt just keeps telling me he can’t wait to meet the real woody and buzz. I have LOTS to do to prepare for that trip.

All the birthdays begin…cooler weather…i am not a winter fan so the fall is not a favorite of mine either because i know what is coming around the corner.

he sleeps with the disney tour book…tell me he’s not excited.

fyi…dont you just love obama?


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