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So here comes a huge post…I went to Staten Island New York this past weekend for The Grace Crop. It was great had so much fun seeing my scrappin friends! I stayed at Kristin’s House the first night her house is BEautIfiL! It was so cool being there, when we were coming home from setting up the Grace Crop she drove me around her block…i’m not kidding it is her block, her sister Kaycee lives behind her…literally. Her in laws around the corner…literally, and her parents around the other corner…literally. AnnMarie her sister in law lives 3 blocks over. It was so cool. So on Staten Island there were two crazy things i saw, #1 EVERYONE parks on the street, half the houses dont even have garages i told kristin ‘you guys park in the street. We cant park in the street in Ohio, you get a ticket if you do that” I think she thought i was nuts. then, as we were leaving Barbs Friday night i notice that everyone has their basketball hoops at the end of their driveway in the street again i was amazed i told kristin it cracks me up they keep their hoops in the street and we build basketball courts in our backyards. So fuuny! ANYWAY…the Grace Crop was so great, Barb just amazes me how much she does and what she accomplishes for her foundation and for the families of the foundation and especially her son. She is amazing! I am so happy we are friends, she is so calming and makes you feel like you are her friends (even if she is thinking what the hell am i going going to do with this girl from ohio who crashed my crop). I feel like i have known them all forever! so down to earth…i love that. and they swear i love that even more!

so onto my chubbiness…grace thinks it is so funny my belly gets bigger each day! as you can see from this amazing photography my belly button is still an innie, it is so weird, it keeps going in more to where it is now a dent in my shirts. so i have to wear like 3 shirts so you cannot see the dent where my belly button is, and really you can still see it. it is so weird. This pictures size is due to this…

this is the candy that my scrappin friend Kim gave me in this cute little bag with note paper and some stamps. Kim is great, she always puts together the greatest, cutest little gifts when everyone is meeting up for a crop. She is cool, fun, and AMAZINGLY talented. I love to see what she is {creating} each time i am around her! Anyway…back to the candy, i ate it all…seriously i sat down tonight to print off all the weeks i am missing from my big picture class and ate this whole bag of candy. Of course i did not take a pic of the cute little bag it was in, i am now taking a picture of the cute little wrappers after i have torn into them. Keep in mind, as i am stuffing my face with this chocolate i am on the phone listening to my dr.’s office tell me my iron is low and i need to take iron pills now twice a day. WHAT???? low iron??? your telling me all these cute little blue dove chocolates dont make up the daily allowance of iron??? un freaking believable! anyway Kim rocks!
Also at my grace crop table was my buddie Susan from NY, Megan Gerrity, Laurie, and the super talent and love her Catherine ! She cracks me up…Thanks to her and her glue stick! I also got to meet up with the girls on the committee, some i had met some not. Krisitns sister Kaycee and Ann Marie are so fun, love talking to Elise (sp?), i had met her at CKC and she is just the nicest person i ever have met…just one of those people who you talk to and is so nice and youthink wow i should be nice like that… never going to happen.
When i finally got home on sunday afternoon i was so tired i took a 3 hour nap with grace, nothing better then a little kid dragon breath in your face, i miss it so much!
So back to work i went on monday, i like this work thing. I have learned so much in the past three months and so has wyatt. I love working at Hyland, just feel so dumb sometimes when i am sitting in these meetings and have no clue what they are referring to, then all of the sudden i ‘get something’ and i feel like a genius!
SO this saturday i am off for another road trip to ikea. I love ikea, this time jess needs some stuff for her new house. I am buying blinds…that is all i swear. There will be no furniture this trip for me! It is just the best road trip though ikea is!
I think i have narrowed the kid’s name down a boy and a girl name. For awhile there Cash was winning but since i was the only one who liked it i have now moved on. I was sick of hearing everyone else say “cash?” so the poor kid would have had to hear it all his life also. Lola was winning for the girl but i think that is out also, it is in the top ten of female dog names though, along with Max which was wyatt’s vote. So now i am down to Brody Houston for a boy or Tess Elizabeth for a girl. PLEASe tell me your honest opinion on these…seriously i cant think of anything. Todd even said to me this am, no name is jumping out at him either. We do need to get started on the room, i was thinking this kid should probably have a place to sleep. Grace of course had a beautiful room all done up and waiting for her, i loved it. Wyatt slept in my moms dining room for the first 3 months of his life…nice huh? so i though i would make a spot for this little baby. It is never going to have anything of its own probably since all its other items are handed down so i will make it have its own space at least. I have to figure out what i am going to do in there, that is the project starting next week.
well…if you have read this whole post you deserve a prize! leave a comment and i will rak you something from my stash!
also check back i am going to be posting again some pagesi have worked on latley…well in the past 6 months i should say.

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  1. Hey there! Didn’t even know you had a blog – I’m so excited and will check back often! Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the candy ( nothin like being prego as the ultimate excuse to eat yourself silly)


  2. I do dont want the Rak but I want to vote for Tess… I soooooooo love that name… I do like the boy name too… but I think you are having a girl… I miss you already and you are welcome here to my house ( with a garage) anytime!! LOL


  3. Liz,HEY! Did you not even remember I was at your table at the crop?????And I even have a Wyatt TOO!Tess is beautiful, very ‘old school’, classic name. Brody is great too – strong and cool.You could always name the baby X until it is old enough to pick it’s own name out….that might be a little tough on the kid though,Good luck! hope the rest of the pregnancy goes easily, smoothly, totally boring!


  4. I like both the names, but Brody seems very trendy, while Wyatt & Grace are both revived “old-fashioned”. I was going to suggest “Levi,” but Brooke says it is too “Amish.” I didn’t even know it was Amish. Oh, well. Other friends of ours have picked the girl’s name: Jordyn, but can’t agree on a boy. He likes Carter, she wants Trevor. As I was looking through the baby name book for them, I saw “CARVER,” which I told them was a combination of both their choices! ANYTHING is better than “Clemeth,” wouldn’t you say?


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