bones break

9/29 grace learns to ride a bike (no training wheels)
10/4 grace falls off the bike
10/8 grace gets 2 pins put into her elbow
that sums up my week. thur night gacie was riding her bike at g-mas and fell off while trying to ‘stand up and pedal’ . After a trip to the er the dr. there says to me…yeah it looks broke, it is hard to tell maybe follow up with an orthopedic tomorrow. First we went to Dr. Banks he said yes it is broke…your child broke one of the few bones that we have to put pins in to heal in children. most time just a cast or splint. he sends us to Dr. Saluan…BEST dr. he was amazing with grace and with my blubbering self. He tells us same thing she will have the surgery first thing monday am. Over the weekend grace just had a splint on, she managed fine got to watch to much tv. This am we went in at 645 for her surgery. She was amazing…they tripled her ‘relaxing drug’ so she was VERY loOpY before heading into the or. it was so amazing sitting and watching my kid wasted. that is the only way to describe it. She was cracking me up, but the whole time i was a blubbering iodiot. (seriously I cried from the minute we walked in until 20 minutes after they started.) anyway the dr. came in before they took her in just to say hello to grace and she rolled over to look at him…very slowly…and says to him “i can dooooo MaGIc!…. so funny. They let me come into the or and stay until she breathed in one to many whip its then my blubbering self had to wait in the waiting room. So i am sobbing at this point..the goofy cap on my head, gown on, mask over my face sobbing. I walk out into the waiting room and about 20 people turn to look at me…gasp at me i should say. there are no seats so i am stumbling around looking for one through my tears and a lady stands up and says to me ‘can i hug you? i was on ob nurse for 20 years i know how you feel right now’ she saw grace in the pre op with her doll by her side. so this GReaT women took care of me the whole time she was under, talking to me about different subjects. Such the nicest women. Even another lady walked by and asked me if she could go get me someting to drink or someting. They all just thought i was nutty.
Grace is doing GReaT now…another temp. splint cast until next monday then the well waited for hot pink cast will go on.
here is a pic. of her after some tylenol with codine and me after stuffing my self full of chipolte! I cannot stop eating chipolte…

the tylenol with condine made her goofy again.


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