21 day challenge

i have to be so quick here…

when at CE one of the great classes was Rhonna’s class making a 21 day challenge journal.

Basically it takes 21 days to form a habit so for 21 days she challedged people to do something they want to change the habit of. I orignially chose to run or walk each day, but ten realized i need to add so muc to that so i added i also need to create balance in my life. tis is probably te worst week for that cause i am working doubles all week for the next 8 days but no time like te present.

so it started saturday… i have finished the journal and now adding each day, i will be beind in posting causse i am sure it will take me a day to finish but here is day 1

on saturday i woke up at 630 (just another challenge i am giving myself) i need to wake up early to be better ‘balanced’ get things done before i start the day!
We went to do the race for the cure wendy, holly, mary anne, & I. We walked the 5K it was great. It was freezing…but we warmed up when we finally got moving. here is my post from day 1. i will be back soon with day 2.


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  1. Ahh, isn’t balance what we all need? If you (or anyone you know) has the answer, let me know!Your previous post cracks me up! Gotta love kids…Dianna


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