lom accomplishment

i finally finished my albums for my bps class Library Memories. I feel so liberated now that i can let go of the whole chronological thing and move into just creating & enjoying my pages. The system is set up so easily it takes off the pressure as well as lets you create as you would like. so if you have a chance to take this class with Stacy Julian it is amazing. She is amazing, i heard her speak last year in arizona and it was life changing. after it was over i had to actually go out side, sit on the curb and analyze myself. it made me think a lot and i think i have made a few changes in the right direction since then.

this is what my albums look like, i cant go into the whole layout of the system way to long, you will have to just take the class but there are FOUR main albums All about us, Places we go. Things we do, People we love.

I want to eventually find blue clips instead of the black ones but i am not worried about that yet. In each album there are title pages, here is a sample of two of them.

then within the album you have framework pages for each subcategory. i swear it sounds confusing but once it is working together LIFE CHANGING.
Stacy gave us this assignment awhile ago and i was late finishing it, she said take your time but you know who really wants to let stacy julian down.
so worth it take the class.
little side note… if you notice word alltogetherwith nospace inthem… that would be due to wyatt. he likes to pick the keys off the computer, then they break and you cannot get them back on, his last have at it took the space key, as well as all the arrows. he’s cute though and if you ask him why his response is… “i’m trying…” actually that is his response for everything.

seriously this kid is the crabbiest kid ever… i wonder where he gets it. i love him though, and it makes me laugh.


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