i have yet to post about easter…so here goes. i ended up having family & friends to my house for easter am. (you know who you are). when i said i would have this event it was 75 degrees and sunny…so i assumed that would be the same weather one week later at my home, NO it was 22 degrees and 2 inches of snow. apparently we did not have the egg hunt outside as it was planned in my mind. anyway it was a fun morning lots of people and kids, just how i like it to be. but i must show you what my basement looked like :
so funny. you see this is how it goes with my family at holidays, there are 11 kids (give or take a few) and we send them into the basement to play until we let them eat. therefore they have overload when they get into all the toys, they are the same toys they always have but it is just something about having other children to play them with. people ask me if my basement is finished…why would i ever finish the basement? where would the toys go? where would they play? i might have to let them upstairs and that is just a risk i am notc willing to take.

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