great days

man the weather has been awesome the past 3 days. tonight it is all going to change though. we have been outside for the past three days. my kids love it. last year wyatt was terrible when he was out there, he would leave the yard whenever he could, ride his big wheel in the road or across the street. this year he is so good though. he stays inside the “lines”. i can get so much done when they are out there playing! we went to columbus on monday to watch the buckeye
game with jamey & kristen. so fun, she is so fun and the kids play so well together. jamey is todds friend from high school and it cracks me up. they are so opposite but have been friends for years.
ok remember how i painted the foyer, well after two weeks of looking at it i decided i didnt like it. i got the shelf i wanted from target and did not like the way the brown looked with all the different woods etc. so a sunday trip to lowes for some primer and a new baby blue gallon of paint. it got done today and i must say i love it. so much better then “totally taupe”. It is so fresh.
ok seriously i must type this now because i had 4 calls while i was typing that last paragraph from a sales person company whatever and they say nothing… drives me nuts! i sit and say hello a few times i hear them in the background and they do not respond… so irritating. sorry about that rant.
anyway a busy week this week, i gots lot done today so proud of myself i even went running. i am so trying to run again hopefully on a regular basis. maybe if i type it here it would give me motivation in case someone by chance reads this. so i follow through, make sense? well anyway i went running. i am bartending this week on thursday night, that should be fun. i have not worked behind the bar in a long time. i gave up my shift for a cute nice bubbly girl. soo unlike myself so i decided to take one for the team. anyway she needs off so i am working for her, melissa. it is fun to bartend when you havent for awhile. it is not fun each week when you are irritated. so i should have fun and have myself a cocktail or two. i get to work my regular friday night also in addition to all my work here at home! so fun, really, it is fun.
today supposedly it was eighty degrees…tomorrow is supposed to be forty degrees. i REALLY need to move.
happy wednesday!


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