so i chopped my hair off again, i just sat down at steph’s (my friend that owns alto capelli, a hair salon 216-228-0606) & told her to do what she wanted. i trust her, even though she did give me the state board haircut a few years back, ok maybe 10 years ago. the thing that i always can’t get over when i get my hair cut off is i can’t put it up. i hate it in my face when i am trying to work and stuff. so i put it up in this ponytail on top of my head today & grace said “mama i just have to take a picture of that crazy pony” she is obvoiusly the child of a scrapper. i like it though, this is a terrible picture but the haircut is good.
anyway…i have not blogged in awhile, which is funny because i check all the other blogs out & find it so irritating when they are not updated. the difference being no one reads this blog and millions read the others.
so it was graces 4th b-day 2 weeks ago, she had a princess party, the girls did dress up like princess’s and the boys knights. she wanted the boys to all be handsome princes but they were not into that and settled on them being knights. it was a quick party, love that. the cake was awesome though check it out. i still cannot flip pictures, sorry.

i think that is new for now, just so busy but getting caught up!


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