well i am a little back. i have not posted in forever, and it seems to be getting harder to do. Wyatt comes into the scrappin room, climbs up to the computer here, and picks off the keys on the keyboard so i am now missing the…O the D the : and the “. It becomes a little difficult to type when you have to stop to find those letter, & you don’t realize how many times you use those letters.
well since i have not posted in awhile here are some fun things. grace’s first day of school! sorry, just can’t figure out how to flip it!

she was so funny when i was getting her ready that morning, she said to me seriously in her i am going to make you cry mom voice… “you will be ok mom, wyatt will be with you, i am only going to school for a little while, i am not going to college.” thanks so much for your help grace. Then as i was leaving her there for the whole hour she calls me back into the room to tell me “now mama, if you miss me just draw a picture of me & put it next to you, it will be like i am right there”. such wisdom from a three year old.
as you can see by this picture the lits was really broken up about getting back into the car without his sister!
again sorry cant figure out the flip thing.
she had fun the first day & has done great each day since.

I have been busy finishing up the projects from CE. Also i have been so busy at work. I was working from home all week but back to the bar tonight. i am training someone new so it should not be to bad. i had a rough week so i am trying to just move past it. by the way, todd you have been great. yes, i did just give you a compliment. to bad you are pretty much the only person that reads this. so now i am off to get my hopefully last blood test for a few months, my arm looks like i am a total crack head. i hate giving blood, i do know i could never be a crack head.


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